About Us

Greenplanet Energy Analytics

Energy Efficiency – The Time is Now!  Today, a number of factors are coming together to drive an increased focus on energy efficiency: a widespread public focus on climate change; government policy and funding programs for energy efficiency and clean energy supply; and technology development that brings sophisticated energy measurement and analytics into a price range that is accessible to all.

With our background in energy efficiency and clean energy innovation, business people and institutional and municipal facility managers are approaching us for guidance. They are keen to move forward with energy efficiency and clean energy supply initiatives, but are concerned about where to start and how to make sure they are making sound business decisions. With our energy management and project delivery background, and our extensive network of clean energy connections, we are well positioned to help.

Our approach is to focus on capacity building so that our clients can take control and do the work for themselves, without the need to outsource their energy management to expensive consultants.  Our greatest indicator of success is when our clients take full ownership of their sustainable energy plan, and they see measurable benefits from their energy efficiency and clean energy initiatives.

Another critical capacity building focus is education.  Through our work with students and teachers in Canada’s schools, and through our support of the Green Learning Canada Foundation and the Alberta Centre for Environmental Education, we are helping to build awareness and skills in Canada’s next generation of decision makers.

Our Team

Rob Macintosh - Senior Partner

Rob Macintosh has been a leader in the growth and development of Canada's clean energy and sustainability sector for the past 32 years, working at the interface of energy policy, energy efficiency and renewables, clean technology innovation, and environmental management.  He has 25 years of successful management and consulting experience in energy management and sustainability business planning with three levels of government, First Nations, NGO, and large energy and resource company clients.

In 1985 Rob founded the Pembina Institute where he played a leadership role for 16 years and focused on corporate climate change policy, sustainable energy policy, carbon pricing, clean energy and efficiency technology assessment, community energy planning, and sustainable business strategy. He played a foundational role in the Alberta Ecotrust Foundation, the Provincial Clean Air Strategic Alliance, GreenLearning Canada Foundation, and numerous other innovation initiatives.

As President of Dejanira Enterprises since 1990, he has built and continues to guide a number of successful small businesses in real estate management, land development, recycling, and environmental consulting. Rob is a Partner and Senior Environmental Advisor in Gen7 Environmental Solutions - an Alberta based environmental reclamation, environmental assessment and project planning and construction monitoring Service Company.  He holds a B.Sc.Hon. (Physical Geography and Biology) and a B.Ed. both from Queen’s University.

Rob offers Greenplanet Energy Analytics clients the benefit of his extensive network of clean energy contacts in industry and government, as well as a deep knowledge of key services and technologies in energy efficiency, and in renewable / clean energy supply technologies. He specializes in finding practical and cost-effective solutions and using streamlined business case analysis in energy management planning to save time and money identifying and implementing effective strategies to save money and reduce environmental impacts from energy waste. He has been closely involved in and continues to advise on the software capacity and user interface for CircuitMeter, one of the most important tools in the Greenplanet Energy Analytics toolbox.

Clayton Stafford - Senior Partner

Clayton Stafford has been leading the delivery of enterprise class technical solutions for over 30 years. He has worked as a consulting practice manager, management consultant, and project manager  – both as an independent consultant, and with multinational consulting firms – serving clients in various sectors, including telecommunications, energy, utilities, banking, education, health, and provincial government. He has also managed technology start-ups focused on enterprise application integration and distributed data storage systems.

Clayton is a Professional Engineer and holds a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alberta, and a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Calgary.  He has extensive experience helping businesses and institutions adapt to game-changing technologies, ranging from early pilot projects in Health and Education exploring the potential of the Internet, to more recent work in business intelligence and data management solutions for large enterprises.

At Greenplanet Energy Analytics, Clayton is responsible for overall business management and client project delivery.  Clayton also plays an active role in client engagements, particularly at the strategic planning and project planning and initiation stages. His focus is on enabling smart people to do good work, supporting them as required, and getting out of the way when appropriate.


Janne Hicklin - Project Funding Specialist

Janne Hicklin has 35 years of experience as a contractor-consultant specializing in project and proposal development, project management, project team liaison, facilitation and coordination of workshops, charrettes and public consultation in Alberta and the Yukon. Since 1980, Janne has worked with government agencies, not-for-profit organizations, First Nations, businesses community groups, and multi-stakeholder groups to develop and manage projects and programs utilizing public funding in support of renewable energy and energyefficiency.

For Greenplanet Energy Analytics, Janne specializes in collaborative project design and development, coordination, logistics and management for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.  Janne maintains knowledge on current and upcoming funding and incentive programs, and she knows how to structure projects and create proposals to ensure success in securing project funding.


Megan Foster - Education and Training Lead / Technical Analyst

Megan Foster has been working in data management and analysis for over 10 years. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Calgary. Megan has worked for Statistics Canada working with census information and performing spatial and data analysis for clients, and she has trained clients on how to work with data. Megan’s background also includes working for environmental services and planning companies where she has designed and implemented data management strategies, performed spatial analysis and data analysis, and produced professional maps for both internal decision making and client deliverables.

For Greenplanet Energy Analytics, Megan specializes in research and analysis of energy data. She is also responsible for the design of data management systems and managing energy efficiency and renewable resource information for use in program development and educational training.


Randal Perras - Project Manager & Lead Electrician

Randal Perras is a Master Electrician with a decade of experience on major industrial projects with various energy companies in Alberta.  He also has extensive experience as a small business owner and entrepreneur.  He has completed multiple CircuitMeter installations and provides ongoing feedback to support CircuitMeter product development and improvement initiatives.

Randal is responsible for coordinating electrical installation activities in client facilities, and for recruiting and training installation crews in CircuitMeter technologies and installation procedures.  He also leads energy monitoring needs assessment, conducts site inspections, and designs CircuitMeter solutions.

Ralph Makokis - Project Manager

Ralph Makokis has over 25 years of experience in regulatory consultation, resource development, community affairs and stakeholder engagement. He has been a workshop leader for First Nation's audiences and has also designed and delivered cultural and technical training programs. His projects have involved resource management, environmental monitoring, consultation and training.

Ralph holds an M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Geography from the University of Alberta. He is the owner and Director of Native Resources Group Ltd., offering consulting services and Owner of Indigenous Learning Centre Ltd., offering vocational training to individuals.

Ralph offers Greenplanet Energy Analytics strong connections within First Nation's communities, government and industry. With his ability to manage projects and secure funding, Ralph specializes in coordinating environmental planning projects and delivering Aboriginal education.


We have an extensive network of associates that we engage on an as-required basis to meet client needs.  Our associates bring specialist level expertise and experience in specific energy efficiency and clean supply technologies.  We know the best service providers and specialists in the market, and we connect them with our clients.