No matter where you are in your energy planning lifecycle, we can help

Sustainable Energy Planning

Understand where you are starting, identify energy management objectives for your enterprise, and lay out your first steps to a greener future.  We’ll also help you determine where to start with circuit-level energy measurement and design a continuous energy audit solution that supports your plan.


Continuous Energy Audit

It is critical to understand – in detail – where your energy expenditure is going.  With CircuitMonitoringTM, you continuously collect data from individual electrical circuits, gas, and water flows across your enterprise.  As you execute on your sustainable energy plan, you’ll know exactly how much you’re saving.


Opportunity Assessment

In addition to data on your energy usage, you need information on potential energy efficiency and clean energy supply opportunities.  We can help you to assess your options, pull together costs and implementation details, assess fit for potential funding programs, and connect you with knowledgeable, reliable service providers.


Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy Projects

If you’re ready to go with energy efficiency retrofits or clean energy supply initiatives, we can help. With a full range of project services, we can provide focused help where you need it, or we can take on full project management for you.