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First Nations Solar

ACFN announces the launch of three major solar farms in southern Alberta

November 2022 – Fort Chipewyan & Fort McMurray Alberta

ACFN owns 50% of three southern Alberta Solar Farms in partnership with Concord Pacific.

  • The 3 sites cover 480 acres southeast of Calgary and total 68 megawatts AC, 106 megawatts DC
    generation capacity. (Our 3NE Fort Chip Solar Farm sits on 12 acres and produces 2.3 megawatts DC.)
  • ACFN solar investments are held by ACFN Green Energy LP governed directly by Chief & Council.
  • Significant revenues will flow for 35 years to support ACFN priority services.

ACFN/Concord Solar Farms

ACFN/Concord logos

ACFN Announces Major Investment in Alberta Clean Electricity with Concord Pacific

November 9, 2022– Fort Chipewyan & Fort McMurray Alberta

News Release Here

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Concord Green Energy, a wholly owned subsidiary of Vancouver-based Concord Pacific are an experienced and successful wind, solar and hydro power developer and operator in BC, and Ontario. Terry Hui, Concord Pacific President and CEO said, “Concord has more projects in the pipeline in Alberta, but these mark Concord Green Energy’s first projects in the ground. We are excited to be further building our renewable energy portfolio and, in particular, to be working with Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation.” Terry Hui continued, “We look forward to expanding our portfolio in this market with the ACFN and others who share their commitment to climate action and renewable energy.”

Jason Schulz, E.D. of ACFN Strategic Advisory Services and Director of ACFN Green Energy emphasized “Clean renewable electricity is now a least-cost option for Alberta consumers. It also helps Alberta’s petroleum industry lower their carbon footprint and stay competitive in a world that cares about climate change. The green energy business portfolio is a priority for us to ensure ACFN develops sustainable and just revenue streams for the future. We appreciate the spirit of partnership that Concord brings to this venture.”  ACFN is also implementing more than a dozen clean energy projects locally in Fort Chip including hydroponics food production, residential energy efficiency, biomass heating, and off-grid solar for member cabins out on the land.

GP Joule PV Canada Corp. provided engineering, procurement and construction services to the three solar farm projects.  Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) was selected by ACFN to provide financing for its investment contribution, matching capital contributed directly by Concord. The partnership secured project financing from Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Manulife). Bowmont Capital and Advisory acted as financial advisor to the venture and Greenplanet Energy Analytics is supporting ACFN’s involvement in the partnership.

About ACFN:   ACFN, the Kai Taille Dene, have resided in and around the Peace Athabasca Delta and Athabasca River region for thousands of years and signed Treaty 8 in 1899.  ACFN has a registered membership of approximately 1200 people, about 1/3 of whom live in the hamlet of Fort Chipewyan, with significant numbers also in Fort McMurray and Fort Smith.  ACFN wholly owns ACDEN, one of Alberta’s major energy service companies supporting the Canadian oilsands, as well as a number of other successful large-scale business ventures.

About Concord Pacific / Concord Green Energy: Concord has been building Canada’s largest lifestyle-forward urban communities for over 30 years. Concord Pacific Place in Vancouver and Concord City Place in Toronto are the country’s two largest urban masterplans. Concord recently also expanded to Seattle’s tech hub in the US and to London, UK with the Principal Tower. The company’s renewable energy arm, Concord Green Energy, has active hydro, solar and wind projects of scale in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario and soon to be in Alberta.


Media Contacts: 

Jason Schulz: E.D. Strategic Advisory Services & Director, ACFN Green Energy                                 780-215-6527

Rob Macintosh: ACFN Advisor & Senior Partner, Greenplanet Energy Analytics                             780-621-8422

Peter Udzenija: Concord Pacific – Director of Corporate Relations             604-762-4872

ACFN & ACFN Green Energy LP, 220 Taiganova Crescent, Fort McMurray, AB, T9K 0T4
PDF Copy of Announcement
Solar Farm Map

Solar Project Locations – click for hi-res


Solar Indigenous – ACFN Solar Grand Opening
ACFN Alberta Solar Farms

Resources for the Media

  • Video quote clips:
    • Chief Allan Adam, Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation
    • Councillor Terri Villebrun, Athabasca First Nation
    • Jason Schulz, strategic advisors, Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation
  • B-roll of the Vulcan, Monarch and Coaldale Solar Farms
  • Stills of the Vulcan, Monarch and Coaldale Solar Farms

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