Jonathan Luckhurst

Technical Analyst, Indoor Agriculture

Jonathan leads our work in Sustainable Food Production. He was integral in setting up the Growcer Hydroponics Unit in Fort Chipewyan, Alberta and has trained Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation staff on how this unique system operates and how to plant, manage and harvest locally-grown food. Jonathan is also our in-house expert on aquaponics and wicking bed systems, supporting work on the upcoming Sustainable Food Development Centre in Fort Chipewyan and community education initiatives.

Jonathan received his BSc in Cell Biology-Genetics from the University of British Columbia and was instrumental in the construction of Canada’s largest aquaponics facility to date. He is a graduate of The Aquaponic Farming Course (2015, Denver, Colorado) and founder and operator of Sea to Sky Botanics. He is also a visual artist and has received grants from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and the Edmonton Arts Council. In 2015 he received a commission from the Art Gallery of Alberta and was invited to participate in the Vancouver Biennale international residency program.