Senior Associate
Community Development, Engagement & Training

Ralph brings invaluable depth to Greenplanet Energy Analytics by strengthening the team’s own learning journey and capacity.  He also offers GEA partners and clients his experience and expertise related to understanding, respecting, and engaging Northern and indigenous persons and communities, including First Nations, in climate action and sustainable community development.  Ralph is passionate about land-based learning, community education, “training through to employment”, and integrating culture and language learning with practical energy solutions. He has personal and professional experience with the complex realities and diverse needs and development requirements to address equality and equity challenges of the First Nation’s community, Indian Residential School survivor emotional and behavioral results and reconciliation pathways. This further enhances Greenplanet Energy’s knowledge and capacity for both indigenous and non-indigenous community engagement and service.

As an accomplished Project Manager, Curriculum Writer, Community Liaison and Stakeholder Consultation Specialist, Ralph has over 25 years’ experience in regulatory consultation, resource development, community affairs and stakeholder engagement, needs assessment, and facilitation. He is also a successful instructional designer and facilitator of cultural and technical training programs for First Nations and other audiences.

Ralph has developed his skills with (and continues to be involved in) numerous board and consultant positions in First Nations and industry organizations, non-profits, and agencies.

Ralph holds a master’s degree in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Alberta and has also received training from Elders in traditional ecological knowledge, Aboriginal education, traditional and modern Cree language and translation, and traditional communication.