Advancing the clean energy evolution.

  • Moving forward towards your sustainable future will involve undertaking clean energy and energy efficiency projects.
  • We can help make projects happen from concept to delivery.
  • We bring a strong background in sustainable energy projects, partnerships, and joint ventures.


  • We provide extensive knowledge of best practices related to technical, economic, and environmental analysis of clean energy projects.
  • Our planning includes a full lifecycle assessment of potential opportunities and alternative approaches, business cases, business plan development, and funding.


  • Project management is a critical step in the success of our work.
  • We act as your general contractor or project manager, providing oversight to ensure the right pieces come together as planned.
  • In each case, we tailor our level of involvement based on your needs and the needs of the project.

Green Investment Strategy

  • Many of our clients are seeking to shift a significant portion of their portfolio into green investments.
  • They understand that it is very important to diversify their economic base, where their investment portfolio is to be more heavily weighted in the green energy sector (clean, renewable energy technologies and developments).
  • The green energy industry in North America and globally is scaling up quickly and is now a highly competitive, financially rewarding, and still growing business opportunity. We have an extensive network and can connect our clients with solid green energy developers.
Solar cabin PV panels