Community Energy Planning

Community Energy Planning allows a community to understand where their energy comes from (supply), how it is used (demand), and provides practical opportunities to use energy more efficiently reduce waste, and substitute cleaner more sustainable energy.

Installing solar panels

Clean energy projects

Moving forward to a sustainable energy future involves undertaking clean energy and energy efficiency projects. With extensive knowledge of best practices related to technical, economic, and environmental analysis, we can take your clean energy project from concept to delivery.

Education and training

We support community energy projects with education – providing our clients, community members, and local students with information and hands-on experience with energy efficiency and green energy technologies.

Measurement, management, and reporting

Sustainable energy planning is grounded in comprehensive energy data – both baseline data to understand where you’re starting, and detailed ongoing measurement to confirm improvements and benefits.

Energy monitor

Energy auditing

Understanding energy use at a building or facility level is a start, but it doesn’t provide much insight into what changes could be made. Continuous Energy Auditing provides you with the data you need to pursue energy efficiency opportunities.