Technology & Business Assistant

As a Technical Research Assistant, Rion works on compiling background information and data, as well as create smaller pieces significant to larger projects. Throughout his time at Greenplanet Energy Analytics, Rion has created technical and informative background documents, educational fact sheets/reports and numerical calculators and models all regarding topics of green energy, energy storage, electrification, and energy efficiency. The objective of Rion’s work is to raise awareness and promote the adoption of environmentally friendly technologies and behaviors through the research and analysis of these opportunities, alongside their qualitative and numerical results.

Rion is a Grade 12 student who has worked in the green energy sector as a researcher and analyst for two years. Prior to this, he worked in the fast-food industry and volunteered throughout his local community. After high school, he will pursue a Bachelor of Science in Engineering at the University of Alberta, hoping to specialize in electrical engineering.