Senior Advisor: Sustainable Business Enterprise

Rob offers our clients the benefit of his extensive network of clean energy contacts in industry and government, as well as a deep knowledge of key services and technologies in energy efficiency, and in renewable/clean energy supply technologies. He specializes in finding practical and cost-effective solutions and using streamlined business case analysis in energy management planning to save time and money identifying and implementing effective strategies to save money and reduce environmental impacts from energy waste.

Rob Macintosh has been a leader in the growth and development of Canada’s clean energy and sustainability sector for the past 32 years, working at the interface of energy policy, energy efficiency and renewables, clean technology innovation, and environmental management.  He has 25 years of successful management and consulting experience in energy management and sustainability business planning with three levels of government, First Nations, NGO, and large energy and resource company clients.

In 1985 Rob founded the Pembina Institute where he played a leadership role for 16 years and focused on corporate climate change policy, sustainable energy policy, carbon pricing, clean energy, and efficiency technology assessment, community energy planning, and sustainable business strategy. He played a foundational role in the Alberta Ecotrust Foundation, the Provincial Clean Air Strategic Alliance, GreenLearning Canada Foundation, and numerous other innovation initiatives.

As President of Dejanira Enterprises since 1990, he has built and continues to guide a number of successful small businesses in real estate management, land development, recycling, and environmental consulting. Rob is a Partner and Senior Environmental Advisor in Gen7 Environmental Solutions – an Alberta-based environmental reclamation, environmental assessment, and project planning and construction monitoring Service Company.  He holds a B.Sc.Hon. (Physical Geography and Biology) and a B.Ed. both from Queen’s University.